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The action or process of investing time and money with the expectation of achieving healthy, glowing, and radiant skin in the future.

Hi, I'm Kimberly.

I'm an Aesthetician turned Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Licensed Beauty Nutrition Practitioner™ and creator of The Natural Facelift Formula Program.

When I hit my 40s, I started to experience dull, dry skin and signs of premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. I had recently had my son and the lack of sleep combined with too much caffeine, sugar, and processed food definitely took its toll on my skin and body.

I was exhausted and I felt much older than my years.

I had tried numerous products, but none of them worked as I'd hoped. So when I first learned about the connection between nutrition, lifestyle and skin health, I was understandably a little skeptical. Surprisingly, as an aesthetician, I was taught that diet had very little impact on our skin.

I had already invested way too much money on products that didn't deliver the results they promised, but I was willing to commit to making the changes in my diet and lifestyle, and I'm so grateful I did.

I quickly noticed that my skin was smoother, more radiant and my fine lines and wrinkles were diminished. Not only that, I felt younger, had more energy, and I lost weight.

I'm now in my 50s and feel even better then I did in my 20s ...and YOU can too!

"Nature gives you the face you have at 20. It's up to you to merit the face you have at 50." - Coco Chanel

Client Love Notes

"Wow, what a well-organized professional detailed program you have developed!! As you know, I have been part of a few programs over the years and, honestly, this is the most well-organized one I have seen yet! I love that you give you the exact shopping list required for those 7 breakfast recipes...makes it so easy."


"I enjoyed this program very much. It was a very eye opening experience for me because I did not realize that what I was eating was not benefitting my skin nor my overall well being, at all. I feel really lucky to have had it offered to me. I have been telling my family and friends about it. Kimberly has so much knowledge and I just love how she delivers it in a warm friendly way that is easy to take in and remember. I think she should write a book! My hair and skin has never been better AND I am officially down 30lbs now since changing the way I live. I just keep feeling better and better!


"My skin looks brighter and not so dry and dull and I'm not stress eating as much. I really enjoyed reading all the information. A lot of knowledge to understand what goes on inside of us. Keep being the knowledgeable and approachable self that you are."


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